Freak of Nature?

Yes!  And it’s so, so good. The first thing that comes to mind with Freak of Nature is “juicy.”  The lovely orangeish gold color hints at this, followed by an aroma of tropical hoppy dankness.  There’s a strong malt backbone nicely balanced by hop bitterness on the first sip.  But it quickly leans more towards a smooth hoppy flavor that finishes dry and only moderately bitter for a Double IPA.

When it comes to food… the nice thing about this Double IPA?  It’s not a palate wrecker.  I enjoyed mine with a very flavorful ribeye, rice, and green beans prepared by my thoughtful wife.

The malt backbone complements the steak well; not overpowering or getting in the way.  The hop flavors also go well with the grilled char of the steak.  The carbonation does its job, scrubbing the palate enough to make each bite of steak taste like it was the first one.

A surprising discovery was how Freak enhances the flavor of the green beans.   I can only explain this being due to the vegetal qualities of the hops?   A quality (and not negative in any way)  I only really noticed until after eating the green beans.  How about that? This Double IPA makes your green beans…  green beanier?

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