Haw River Farmhouse Ales

Located in lovely Saxapahaw, NC (just West of Chapel Hill), Haw River…

“specializes in crafting special brews steeped in Belgian tradition, but elevated by local creativity. Full of flavor and native ingredients, we believe beer is more than just something you drink. It’s an experience meant to be shared with those around you. It’s about community. And that’s ingrained in our Southern roots, which is is why we source as many local ingredients as possible.

From barley and wild yeast to honey and fruit, our neighbors are part of our beer. They’re proud of that, and so are we. And fresh ingredients on brewday means better tasting beer for everyone. Because out here in the country, we can do it however we want. And that includes sharing with our neighbors.  Come and see us—the true Haw River Farmhouse Ales experience goes beyond simply drinking our beer. We’re bringing a flavor to brewing that can only be found here in Saxapahaw—and you’re invited.”

Fresh at Sugar Island now:

Regent’s Rye Tripel – My personal favorite beer for Christmas dinner with turkey and all the trimmings…  not to mention pie!

Saxy Machismo Barrel Aged Quadrupel – Bourbon barrel aged smoked quadrupel ale with guajillo and habanero peppers.

Funk the Flying Dragon – Tart saison ale brewed with trifoliate oranges.

Javanog Coffee Cream Stout – Milk stout brewed with lactose, whole nutmeg, vanilla beans & Honduras Finca Mogola coffee, aged in Jamaican rum barrels for 8 months.

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