Pair + Ale = Beer… made for food.

Beer, Food, & Books!

That’s what I go hunting for when I’m in a new place.  Local places with cool stuff I can’t find at home, or anywhere else if it’s really special!  Finding the local brewery, hole-in-the-wall cafe, or small used bookstore that fits the bill… That’s the memories I enjoy taking home.

You see, I get pretty excited about new experiences like discovering how a new beer pairs with different foods. Because every so often, there’s a combination that changes and enhances the individual flavors in such a way… I can’t wait to come home and tell everyone how good it is!

Or, finding a cool old book (but new to me!) tucked away on a shelf in a small out of the way bookstore, it’s like finding treasure!  There’s no telling who once held that book and called it their own!   It’s kind of the same feeling as finding that perfect bite of food.

But the really great thing is being able to bring that craft beer, local cheese, or cool new book back to the shop and share that experience!

So, please check out our food and beer blog, Pair & Ale, from time to time to see what we’ve found next in the state of beer, food, and books at Sugar Island Bakery!


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